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While visiting a relative’s house, I noticed a book that she had bought about the history of Maine. What a great idea! Write and publish your own book about the history of your state, county, city, or village. Include whatever you want (or publisher wants). Focus on the general history (everything you can find and think of), or on a specific theme, such as wars, tourist areas, folk lore, scandals, famous people, etc.

This is a vast open option if you love research and writing. The first few things you will want to decide on before starting is – how or who to publish this book, where to find the vital information and photographs, and how you will choose to market the book.

You will want to find a publisher that would be interested in your project or take the task on yourself. You can start by submitting a proposal to local newspaper publishers, your area or state historical societies, or publishers in your region. While doing your research you may also find other organizations that might be interested in publishing your book if they are involved somehow.

If you decide to publish the book yourself, do your homework on the web and research all the different ways that you can accomplish this task successfully. There is plenty of information on how to go about this by yourself.

Depending on how long your area has been inhabited, do as much research as you can in its’ past. Search out as many avenues as you can find in your area and areas around you. Don’t rule interviewing anyone out including officials of government, churches, railroad companies, and utility companies asking for statistics and documentation if they have access to them. These can also be excellent sources of photos and items of the area.

While you are doing your research, talk to everyone you meet and let them know what you are working on, it may surprise you at how many more leads you will find this way. Try to make sure that you can verify any pertinent information; if you are not able to make sure of any information then cover yourself by quoting people that give you some questionable information.

Don’t be shy about advertising your project, the more attention you receive the more help you will be given, unless someone has something to hide. That could be a juicy tidbit of information too! Just remember who your audience is and cater the information to what they would most be interested in finding out about your particular area. Appeal to the local community and tourists.

As you compile all of your information, try to keep it organized so that it won’t be too overwhelming after awhile. If you know how you want to organize the chapters in your book, you might compile your information according to each chapter. Don’t take in so much information that you can’t decide how to start, have an idea of how you want to structure your book, before you start this will help simplify the whole process.

Once you have your book finished, you need to follow through on what you previously decided on how you will want to market it, especially if you are doing the publishing yourself. Make sure that you keep all of your contact information compiled during your research; this can be a helpful list of people, agencies, and organizations to contact, they will most likely want to purchase your book right away. Contact your local community government, libraries, schools, bookstores, gift shops, realtors, and museums about the release of your book. They will more than likely be interested in acquiring a copy of your new book, especially if they cater to tourism.

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